Spicy Girls GoGo Pattaya Beach 


 We have more than a thousand photos of various parties
and events over the years at Spicy Girls GoGo
here at Pattaya BeachThailand!

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We've had the most outrageous parties on Pattaya Beach in the past!

Lots of free food - both Thai and western.
We originally supplied a half Ox roast which went down very well - not so easy to find in Pattaya!
Now we offer the more usual Spit On A Pig as we refer to it - only in Thailand and Pattaya specifically would you hear a phrase like this!
Our extended happy hours have always given customers pleasure. Complimentary drinks apear from nowhere - including the famous Spicy Girls shooters.
The girls often will have had too much to drink on these social occasions, which makes them even more more fun than usual!
So if you're in the mood for having a good time, drop in and enjoy the social banter with our staff.
Look through the photos and see just how true this all is!
We look forward to welcoming you in the future.